Focus Flash Newsletter – June 2020 Issue

COVID has forced many 2020 meetings to be cancelled, delayed or moved online. Same here – the Foundation is looking at options for online delivery of our management training, Foreman Workshop and Essentials of Project Management class. These classes would typically take place over several days. What’s the best way to translate that into online sessions? We think you should have a say since you are the one who would be attending or signing up employees for the sessions!

Guide our planning by telling us what would work best for you or your employees – more short sessions, fewer longer sessions, etc. We kept it very brief – please hit the link to to have your say in the education we are developing for you.

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Hooray for the Helpers!Fred Rogers 

A now famous quote from Fred “Mister” Rogers tells us to look for the helpers when there are scary things in the news. We have the great fortune to be surrounded by helpers on almost every project we do and they deserve some thanks and recognition.  

SkillsUSA – A Thank You to Our Louisville Friends

Normally at this time of year, we would be preparing to run our annual SkillsUSA Plumbing contest at the National Skills Leadership Conference. Unfortunately, the conference organizers had to cancel this year’s event due to COVID.

The NSLC will be moving to Atlanta next year, preventing us from celebrating one “last hurrah” in Louisville. But we can’t go without taking a moment to thank everyone who has helped us out over the past few years. 

Everyone we met in Louisville was welcoming, accommodating, and did their best to make SkillsUSA a success.

  • Lynne Faulkner (Kentucky Assn Master Contractors) – organizer and purveyor of help and volunteers, and all-around worker-bee.
  • Tony Senninger (Senninger Plumbing – for inventory and storage of materials (reviewing our list and checking it twice!). Tony’s main elf and sleigh-driver, Buffy, also helps with both delivery and pickup of scrap.
  • UA Local 502 – They have helped us build benches, judge the contest, and remove much of the material after teardown.
  • Zoeller Pump Company – Each year they provided the contestants with a tour of their facility and a delicious, hearty lunch, to kick off the competition
  • And of course, we can never forget our awesome committee! They all work tirelessly throughout the year to ensure our contest at SkillsUSA contest runs effortlessly.
Senninger Plumbing and Zoeller Pump Company

In 2021, we will move over 30 crates, 16 pallets and 2 skids to Atlanta. As we transition to this new chapter, we look forward to successful, productive relationships. But we can’t move forward without sending a warm thank you to our Louisville team, for the many years of participation and support that have helped to make the SkillsUSA Plumbing contest a success.

Right ArrowIf you are located in the Atlanta area and would like to get involved with the National Skills Plumbing Competition for 2021, please contact Maureen Vasquez.