Focus Flash Newsletter – May 2020 Issue

We have new additions to our toolbox of resources to help guide you.

 New and Updated Software Tools

 – The Overhead and Profit Calculator was created to help service & repair contractors determine their breakeven cost and selling price per billable hour. Contractors have seen their cost structures shift dramatically this year due to COVID-19 impacts but may not have stopped to recalculate their break-even and selling price. This software makes the calculations much easier and is available at no cost thanks to a sponsorship from A.O. Smith

– Productivity on construction sites has taken a hit from COVID, from required health checks before entry to extra PPE handling and distancing requirements. The Lost Time Calculator can help with determining the financial impact of these productivity losses so that they can be recovered from the customer and included in future bids. Lost Time Calculator

Several more tools are available with new updates made for our “Survive and Thrive” live discussion series in response to COVID-19.

 – Revenue Forecasting/Projections Spreadsheet

 – Risk Analysis Matrix

 – Financial Ratios Check-Up 

All are available at no cost thanks to our sponsors, Kirk Alter, our workshop attendees, and the Foundation’s generous donors by hitting the button below.

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Pre-Apprentice Training Enrollment Leaps

There are millions of newly unemployed people looking for their next line of work. Exposing this audience to the p-h-c trades with an online introduction could pay off later when we need extra hands.

To help connect potential workers to our industry, the Foundation has made our Pre-Apprentice training available at no cost through the end of June. This online class provides a short overview of what to expect and what work in our industry looks like. Registrations have leaped upward from a handful of enrollments to over 240 active students in the class in just a few weeks. 

If you want to plant the seeds of your future workforce now, you can access the program at no cost through the end of June. You will need to create a new account in our Learning Management System if you don’t already have one; the system does not use your PHCC username & password.

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