How Much Does an HVAC Tech Make in an Hour?

Many people ask the question “how much does a HVAC tech make an hour?” In fact, how much does a HVAC tech make in the industry?

As you might imagine, each hour of service or even more can make a significant amount of money. A typical “stop” is anywhere from thirty to forty dollars per hour. Each technician may also get other income sources as well. An example of one of those jobs is, installing ceiling tiles.

The amount of time it takes to do the job is going to be determined by the materials that are needed, the cost of doing it yourself, and the experience of the technician. If he knows the basics, then he may be able to give you a price for the job.

Another way to get additional income is through a few additional income sources. Paying your bills each month can mean additional income to pay your rent, electric, water, gas, cable, etc. You will then have extra money that you can pay the electric company each month.

Electricity is required to run most homes and businesses so if you are paying for your utility bill each month, you should be paying your electrical company. However, if you are not paying your electricity company, you will need to check with them to see if they will go after you for late fees. Additionally, if you pay your utility bill online or through their business bureau, then you may be eligible for rebates or tax credits on your electric bill.

I personally am currently paying my utility bill online and have been doing so for many years, which means I know how much does a HVAC tech make in an hour. Currently, I am making about seventy dollars an hour.

This is a bit lower than what I make now, but if I cut this down by two hundred dollars or so, then I would be making about sixty to seventy-five dollars an hour. I get more than enough money to pay my rent, utilities, electric, etc. Every day is different, so I will still be making more money over the next week than what I am currently making.

So, to answer the question “how much does a HVAC tech make in an hour?” I have a base salary and my income depends on the job I do.