How to Clean a Window Air Conditioning Unit

Knowing how to clean a window air conditioning unit is the first step in keeping your home comfortable and healthy. A humid, unhealthy environment can damage your health, especially for those who have respiratory problems. There are many health conditions that can be helped by using an air conditioner, so it is very important to take care of your unit, especially when it is occupied.

how to clean a window air conditioning unit

If you are suffering from an asthma or COPD attack, knowing how to clean a window air conditioning unit will help to alleviate the discomfort that accompanies such an attack. Breathing through a blocked nose can cause such problems as shortness of breath. In addition, sinus problems can cause symptoms like a stuffy nose and dry skin.

A person with allergies may also benefit from knowing how to clean a window air conditioning unit. These include hay fever, which causes swollen, red and irritated eyes. The skin may become overly dry or chapped. Taking care of a cooling unit can help to reduce the symptoms caused by allergies.

An eye irritation known as conjunctivitis can occur due to airborne particles. When the air outside contains particles that are not filtered through the air conditioning unit, irritants can enter the eye and cause eye discomfort. Such an irritation is usually exacerbated by moist conditions, so cleaning the unit may help alleviate this problem.

Soot buildup is a common problem with window air conditioning. While dust and mold have the ability to harm health, smoke residue is unhealthy and should be removed from the air conditioning unit regularly. Smoke residue from smokers may accumulate on the side panel or base of the unit, which is a nuisance that needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis.

An allergy to pollen may make a person sneeze, cough or itch all over the body. This type of allergy is commonly associated with allergy symptoms such as skin rashes, coughing and sneezing. Not being able to feel well due to allergies may cause complications when the person is having a cold or the flu.

When caring for a window air conditioning unit, it is very important to keep the area clean. Harsh materials such as bleach, strong detergents and ammonia should be avoided when cleaning the unit. Wood grating, glazing and trim should be cleaned with soap and water, but this should be done at a low temperature.

When it comes to cleaning the windows of a home that has a window air conditioning unit, one thing that should be remembered is to use a non-abrasive cleaner to avoid doing damage to the air conditioning unit. Using only a mild cleaner can help avoid any damage to the unit. A good cleaner should remove the debris without damaging the surface or causing another problem.