How to Clean the Coils on an Air Conditioning Unit

Many people ask the question, “How to clean the coils on an air conditioner?” If you are a regular air conditioner owner, then you will know that coils are one of the most important parts of any model. Although there are hundreds of reasons why you might need to clean your coils, most often it is because the coils are dirty and need a clean. The more dirty they are, the more likely they are to rust over and stop working.

Coil cleaners should always be used on any unit where the coils are located. If the coil is not located in the air conditioner unit itself, then you have other options, such as purchasing a coil cleaner kit.

The first thing that you should do if you are cleaning the coils of your air conditioning unit is to remove all the accessories that you may be using to keep the coil clean, such as a spray bottle and a cloth. This way you will not have any left over from the coil cleaner that has already been used to clean other parts. Make sure that you are using a product that is safe for the air conditioner itself.

Next, you should use the coil cleaner to spray the coil cleaner onto the coil. The cleaner needs to be sprayed in a pattern that will allow it to reach all the areas of the coil. You do not want to make the coil look dirty by spraying a thick coat all at once, or else you will cause it to become brittle. If you are trying to clean the entire coil, then you should only spray a little bit into the coil itself.

Once you have sprayed the coil with the cleaner, you will then want to wipe off the area that the coil is attached to. It is possible to use some elbow grease on this part of the coil, but you should not be able to put a mark on the coil. If you are using a coil cleaner kit, make sure to wash it off before you put it back into the unit.

There are a few ways to clean these coils on an air conditioner unit. The best way to clean them is to purchase a coil cleaner kit that will work properly and use it to clean the coil.